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We Are Offer Tonic

An iGaming Affiliate Network

Trusted by 100's of advertisers and publishers









Just a few of our top advertisers

We Connect Publishers With First-Class Advertisers

The UK’s hottest iGaming Affiliate Network is all about performance marketing, our focus is to connect data driven advertisers with the most trusted brands to drive scalable compliant campaigns that maximise ROI.


Partner centric values that turn your leads into legends

First-Class Offers

Fast Payments

Innovative Brands & Campaigns

Intuitive Data-Driven Platform

Responsive Support


Reach the right audiences with traffic you can trust

Compliance is King

Verified Traffic Sources

Multi-Geo Opportunities

Strategic Scale

Trust & Transparancy



"We have worked with Offer Tonic since launch across all their fantastic brands, their team are constantly working with us to optimise performance to ensure revenues are maximised. With a wide campaign portfolio, landing pages and creative, Offer Tonic consistently deliver high quality gaming campaigns with optimal conversion rates."

Account Manager

Campaigns That Deliver

We take an obsessive approach to optimisation. We understand that product is pivotal and data-driven UX is key when it comes to driving performance and conversion.


There are no smoke and mirrors at OfferTonic - our focus is trust and transparency, we combine a market leading technical infrastructure and a partner centric approach making us one of the UK's fastest growing networks


Why Choose Us?

Over £3 million in commission paid since launch in 2020

Building Success

100+ partnerships with affiliate networks & publishers

Commercials Built Around You

CPL, CPC & CPM as well as Flat Fees & Tenancy Deals

Unrivaled Account Management

Our team of experts are on hand to turn leads into legends and clicks into cash

Rising Star Affiliate Network

125% Year-on-year growth

With Offer Tonic...
YOU Can Be In Control

We only work with the best, CAKE brings clarity to digital marketing campaigns, our easy-to-use platform enables data-driven optimisation.

Collaborative data-driven optimisation is critical to driving success, Tableau, our data visualisation tool enables robust reporting that drives success.


  • Are there fees for joining the Offer Tonic affiliate network?
    No, there are no costs to join or register with the Offer Tonic network.
  • How long will it take for my application to be approved?
    We check our new signups daily, so you should receive a response within a minimum of 72 hours.
  • How do I login into my account?
    As soon as your application is approved, you can go to and use your credentials to login to your account.
  • What payment options do we have?
    Payments are made by BACs & Paypal.
  • What are the payment terms?
    Offer Tonic operates on Net30 terms, meaning the payment will be complete within the 30 days from sending the invoice. The minimum threshold to be eligible for payment is 100GBP.
  • How do I change my payment method?
    If you would like to change your payment method please contact your account manager who can facilitate this.
  • What is sub-ID tracking?
    As an advertiser, it's common to integrate a post-back URL to help track the conversions. All partners have the option to pass an additional parameter that defines a specific source of traffic or sub-publisher.
  • Where can I see how my campaigns are performing?
    Our market leading CAKE software is the perfect platform for you to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time.
  • What commission models do Offer Tonic offer?
    From CPL to CPM, including fixed fees and tenancies - Offer Tonic commercial models are built are you.
  • What geo's do Offer Tonic operate in?
    The UK & CA are our key Geo's - however our US launch is imminent so watch this space.

Meet The Offer Tonic Experts



Nenad joined the team with 2 goals in mind: Improve existing partner relationships and build a great foundation for new ones. Sometimes even too energetic, he is the person to ask you all the questions on how to make things work!



Cool, calm and collected, Sara joined the team to bring balance to the universe! With her detailed and thorough approach, she provides stability to existing partnerships, and also has a genuine approach about new ones.


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